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The "Western Cooperative Test Group" (WCTG) is an organization that provides information and assistance to promote mutual understanding between users and producers of asphalt materials. Additionally, we aim to improve the utilization of standardized testing of asphalt materials. We want to provide a forum for meaningful discussion and interpretation of current and new test specifications, procedures, and equipment for various asphalt materials

What is WCTG?

The Group was originally formed in the 1960's with the Wyoming Highway Department Materials Testing Laboratory and several of the asphalt refineries in Wyoming. The Group has since grown to 54 member labs. Most of these are located in the Rocky Mountain region, with the full membership including labs across the continental USA (Canada to Texas, also includes two labs in Central America).

Tools That Produce Results

We work to produce data that works in real world situations. A variety of tools help us do that.

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